Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Ten Last Minute Gruesome Games To Play On Xbox on Halloween!


Here’s a quick post just to get some more Gruesome Games on the blog as they were woefully absent this year! These are all available on Xbox One, but most are also available on PC and PS4 as well…there’s not going to be any blurb, just some gameplay or footage of the games either from me or a trailer! Hope you find something you can play and enjoy…and I might come back to some of these next year to explain a bit more about them and what they’re like to play! 

1. Pumpkin Jack - 

2. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories -

3. Savage Halloween -

4. Sylvio - 

5. Baobab’s Mausoleum - Grindhouse Edition -

6. Battle Princess Madelyn -

7. Black Mirror

8. Manual Samuel - 

9.  The Last Door (Complete Edition) - 

10.Dead End Job -


There you go…more content! That’s definitely my last post for now, as it’s just turned into November the first here! Hope you all had a wonderful, spooky night and hope to catch you all again soon! 

(Oh, and it was a successful Halloween…we had 19 kids come around for treats and all of their costumes were awesome! Yay!)

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Monday, 31 October 2022

🎃Happy Halloween🎃


Window covers that let the light shine out to outside!

Happy Halloween everybody! Whilst I’ve not posted anywhere near as much stuff as I wanted to or covered half the things I wanted to, we’ve finally made it to the big day! Hopefully now that the blog is done, the curse will maybe shift and I can start to feel a bit better!?

Anyway, we’re getting ready to welcome some ‘guisers’ or trick or treaters as most of you will know them, so the window decorations are up (See above) and we’ve got more decorations ready to be put around the place…

We’ve also got the treat bags ready…just a few snacks like candy and chocolate lollies, with a couple of creepy Christmas-cracker type toys…

And we’ve got the table set for our own little subdued Halloween festivities, as none of us at my parents house are feeling very well this season…and yes I’m at the parents house, where I always run to when I feel ill!😁

Anyway, congratulations on making it through another countdown everyone! I hope you all have wonderfully frightful festive fun and don’t eat too much candy! I might put up another post or two later if I feel up to it, but just in case I don’t, have a great night and I’ll hopefully see you all next year for the next countdown!

(I’ll try and post an update to my health situation once we can work out what’s actually going on, for those who are interested, and I might pop onto the blog around December anyway, as I’ve missed Creepmas these last few years, so keep an eye on the blog!)

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Saturday, 29 October 2022

Guising At Halloween (Let’s See, 1984, BBC)

 Here’s a nice little video that shows children ‘Guising’, which is what I did as a kid before Halloween became generally more Americanised in Scotland. There are far more Trick or Treaters than Guisers these days, and lots more pumpkins than turnips! The main difference I think, is in the telling of jokes, songs or rhymes to be rewarded with treats….we had to put some extra work in!

Hopefully this isn’t blocked in other countries…let me know if you can’t see it!

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Friday, 28 October 2022

The Fleshless Ones!

Blimey! Only three days until Halloween! Sorry I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted to, but this illness has been taking up most of my time...a quick update on that....My Xray came back as just having some probable scarring on my lung from the infection, but nothing else. I'm still coughing stuff up though, and still getting night sweats and random pains, so have been prescribed more antibiotics to see if those clear up any lingering infections. I've also been given steroids to help with nasal polyps that could be causing all the issues, but the side effects seem pretty horrendous, so still weighing up my options with those after my antibiotic incident last time.

Hopefully these antibiotics and possibly the steroids will finally shift whatever this is...I'll keep you updated after Halloween with how it all goes...

For now though, lets take another visit to the Digital Comic Museum and the lair of The Fleshless Ones! This strip appeared in Fawcett's Worlds of Fear Issue 10, dated June 1953. Thanks to sundancetrance for uploading it to the museum!

Wow! That went a bit Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the end didn't it! And this was before that movie!

Will try and post as much as possible over the weekend as we head ever closer to the big day...in the meantime be sure to check what the other Cryptkeepers are up to by heading over to the Countdown hub by clicking the badge below!

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Bela Lugosi Haunts My Blog!

Still a bit rough with this.....whatever it is that i have......So have a load of Bela Lugosi type clippings and videos! 


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Monday, 24 October 2022

Some More Random Halloween Cards

Not feeling too great tonight, so have a quick vintage Halloween card post!


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Sunday, 23 October 2022

Bizarre Beasties in the Bear YoYos!

I’ve never really been a big eater of fruit…which probably helps contribute to my various illnesses…but a couple of years back I discovered Bear Yo-Yos, strips of rolled up fruit in handy chewable sizes, perfect for a quick fruity snack between meals! Obviously their main target as customers are kids, a fact that becomes more apparent when you see that they also always include collectible cards….

Being a collector of lots of different things though, this is another appeal of eating the Bear YoYos, and over the years I’ve amassed quite a collection of different drawings in card form from the packs. With the latest collection though, they’ve asked some kids to send in designs for monsters for a limited run of 9 cards, and I’ve managed to find them all..so I thought I’d share them here, as they’re perfect for the spooky season!

The front of the cards show the designs recreated by the artists at Bear, but the backs show the original kids drawings…..

I think I actually prefer the original drawings in most cases! 😁

So there you go! Suitably spooky I'm sure you'll agree! I love all the designs, but I think my favourites are Skalidor and Comatilob...which are yours?

Oh, and another quick question...Is anyone else having problems commenting on people's blogs? I've been having issues since I came back, and it's not letting me post comments on most of them! So just know that I am reading and appreciating the Halloween content, whcih you can do too by clicking the badge below and heading over to the Countdown Hub!