Saturday, 15 January 2011

Games Collection - Commodore 64

Seeing as the Spectrum stuff is up, it's only fair I stick my slightly less impressive C64 collection up too! It'll be a big post, but it should just fit.....

Games Collection - ZX Spectrum (part 3)

And finally, the 3rd part of my Speccy collection...this isn't even all of it either! I've noticed a few Batman the Movie for instance...I must have some more scattered around the flat somewhere! If I find them, I'll put up another pic or however many I need....I think this'll do Speccy-wise for now though!

Games Collection - ZX Spectrum (part 2)

's part 2 !

Games Collection - Spectrum (part 1)

I thought it was time I added pics of my extensive Speccy collection.....I'll do it in 3 parts, as it's a lot of pics for 1 post! Hehe...