Thursday, 31 October 2019

253 Gruesome Games For Halloween!

So the lack of time to put the blog together this year has meant that the Gruesome Games section has been somewhat make up for this, have a post that brings together links to all 253...yes that I've covered so far!

I had big plans for another list this year, but it looks like you'll need to watch this space next year...there's still plenty more where these came from! ;)

The first 202 games are listed down from 100 in their order from the first two lists, and then all the other games I've covered since then are numbered after 202..if that makes any sense? (It probably doesn't, but it does in my

Click the name of the game you want to read about to be whixked away to the appropriate link!




Halloween again! We made it another year! I might still have time to do one last story from the Digital Comic Museum later, but just in case I don't let me just wish everybody a Happy Halloween! It's been great fun taking part in the Countdown once again....please go visit the other bloggers taking part by clicking the badge below! Have a good one everybody!

Cinema Of Stuff Presents....Spider Baby! (1967)


Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Coming Soon To Cinema Of Stuff....

Web Of The Widow!

Tomorrow is Halloween!? How did this happen!? I thought we still had loads of time!?
Oh well, we'd best crack on with another visit to the Digital Comic Museum then, and take a look at Web of the Widow, from the pages of Haunted Thrills, Issue 16 (1952)

(thanks to Krac-House for uploading the scans to the museum!)


Hopefully get a few posts uploaded for the big day tomorrow, so check back here for those the meantime, the other Countdowners will be getting ready to wrap things up for the festivities too, so click the badge below to see what they've been up to!

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Halloween Themed Sweets / Candy That I Picked Up

Been another very long day at college, so here's another quick post! This is all the sweeties (or candy, as you lot over the pond call it) I've picked up for Halloween...well, I say for Halloween, but I've already nibbled at quite a lot of it already! 😁

This first lot is just normal sweets stuck in a skeletal bag unfortunately....

This is a bit better...sweets with dead, crossed-out eyes!

I appear to have eaten these Halloween shaped gummies....ghosts, skulls, spiders, bats...lots of nice shapes! Good effort Rowntrees! 

These aren't actually Halloween sweets but as I like Dinosaurs, let's just pretend they're Godzilla sized titans and therefore eligible for Halloween inclusion! These guys are super-sour, but still yummy!

And finally some more normal sweets in a witchety bag, although Swizzels has made a bit more effort this time and stuck some Halloween themed wrappers on a few of them.....


So there you go, some spooky treats that I'll consider sharing with any ghouls and boils that happen to drop by on Halloween....and talking of other ghouls and boils, go see whats happening on the other blogs taking part in the Countdown by clicking the badge below!

Monday, 28 October 2019

Cinema Of Stuff Presents....Moon of the Wolf / Scream of the Wolf

Two werewolf movies that aired as ABC Movies of the Week for your viewing pleasure this evening...

Moon of the Wolf aired in 1972, and Scream of the Wolf appeared two years later in 1974. Other than both movies having 'of the wolf' in their title, I don't think they're supposed to be connected. 



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Sunday, 27 October 2019

One Awful Night With A Fiend

Sorry for the lack of posts last week! Had an assessment due in for college today, so haven't been able to do as much work on the blog as I would have liked....nevermind though, because today we're back off on another trip to the Digital Comic Museum's basement of blood.....

Today's story warns to be careful what you wish for when you're lurking around in graveyards, and comes from Hand Of Fate 10, April 1952.....

Thanks for these scans go to Ontology who uploaded them to the museum...


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Saturday, 26 October 2019

Spook Sightings Of Yester Year - No.15 - A Curious Cataleptic Case

The illustrations on this page are from George Du Maurier's Trilby, which as well as being the story this articles writers associate the events with, is also the rather odd origin of the Trilby hat!

(Today's post is from The Salt Lake Telegram, November 25th, 1903)


Sings Weird, Unknown Music; Makes Chairs and Other Articles Move About the Room

DANVILLE, Ky., Nov. 25.--   On the Bradfordsville turnpike, about two miles west of Hustonville, is a country store with a dwelling-house in an adjacent yard. Years ago the store was owned by Burt Woolford, who owned and occupied the dwelling near by. Woolford was a unique character, and is remembered by the older inhabitants as a kinsman of the notorious Gen. Woolford of Civil War fame, and many are the deeds of daring credited to him. The place recently has been called Carpenter's Station. Numerous stock farms near by are owned by men named Carpenter.

Strange Events Happen

About eighteen months ago L.A. Farris of Lexington, Ky., purchased a stock of goods, the dwelling and the storeroom from one of the descendents of the Woolford family, and has since been conducting a general merchandising businees there. Everything moved along in the same old way until a short time ago, when some strange events transpired.

Mr. Farris and wife, who have no children, adopted an orphan girl several years ago, and she made her home with these good people as one of the family until she is now about 16 years of age.

Sent to Lunatic Asylum

Last May, her parents, having noticed several very peculiar actions in the girl, and not grasping the situation thoroughly, decided that her mind had become unbalanced. She was taken to the Lexington insane asylum, where she remained until last August. Being reported permanently cured, she was brought home and seemed to have regained her previous good health and vivacious spirits. About a week ago she was taken sick with what the attending physicians prenounced catalepsy. At one moment nearly the whole muscular system became rigid. She talked at random and sang the most pathetic airs, composing as she proceeded. As she had developed no musical ability previous to this, all who heard her vocal performances were surprised. Many musical people are being attracted by the occurence, and sit patiently awaiting a repetiton of her extempore productions. After a seemingly deep slumber the girl awakens and bursts into rhapsodies while her hearers sit spellbound.

Photo by Waller Overton Bullock, 1898, KY Virtual Library

Auditors Moved to Tears

At times her auditors are moved to tears by her sweet and sympathetic songs. As none of her productions had ever been heard by those who have been so fortunate as to be present on these occasions, some of the more gifted musicians have been trying in vain to retain and reproduce them, but as she never has been known to repeat, it seems improbable that the outside world will ever be thrilled by her unusual talents.

Mysterious Rappings

Last Saturday morning about 4 o' clock, loud and distinct knocks were heard on the weatherboards on the outside of the house, loud enough to be heard several yards distant. Supposing someone desired to attract his attention, Mr. Farris went outside, but could see no one. The raps were then repeated on the other side of the house, but again nothing could be seen. After daylight he removed the weatherboards on each side of the house sufficiently to see that no animal of any kind could have been imprisoned. During the day and night continued rapping is audible around the girl's bed, never fewer than three raps at a time.

Enough to Make One Shiver

Upon entering the house Mr. Farris saw an ordinary cuspidor ambling along the floor and following him. A glass of water was on the table near the bed where the sick girl lay. It tumbled off to the floor and was picked up and replaced. Off it went again, and then the third time, the last fall breaking it into atoms. Tables and chairs in the room seemed to be posessed with life, and paraded around at times as if they were members of the family. The bed upon which the young lady reclines shakes at times like a ship in a gale.

With Strange Life

The old-fashioned cupboard that stands in the corner of the room is also endowed with this strange life, and its doors are opened and closed at intervals as if by invisible hands,

While these weird scenes are being enacted the sick girl is singing or chanting some strange melody, accompanying her music with all kinds of gesticulations with her arms, feet and legs. She sprang out of bed Tuesday morning from an apprently deep slumber, walked to the fireplace, sat down, and her slippers moved gracefully from under her bed to her feet, when she quietly put them on. At times her face seems rapt with rare enthusiasm, and she seems to be listening to something intently.


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