Thursday, 17 October 2019

Vincent Price Still Continues To Haunt My Youtube......

I've only gone and found four more Vincent Price videos to give us our regular fix of our favourite freaky thespian! First up is his recording session with Michael Jackson for Thriller, which has surprised me with an extra verse of his poem from the song that I never knew existed! Sounds like he really enjoyed doing this too, by the sounds of the end of the vid!

Next up is a tale from Edgar Allen Poe, which tells us that perception is everything!

And now for a freaky tale of a boy who discovers an inhabitant of an island who has a good excuse for failing to quit his habit, even after it was way too late for him!

And last but not least, a recipe for Vincent Price's Lifesaver Curry. He was after all, a gourmet cook as well as an actor!


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