Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Where The Hell Have I Been??

Hello everybody! Just doing a very quick update post to let people know I'm still around and will be back blogging at some point! 

Since I last posted I've been dealing with several things of a medical nature, including H-Pylori Infections, Gastritis, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Geographic Tongue, an ongoing Hernia, Impacted Wisdom Teeth that are fused to my jaw and a Root Canal Infection, that's probably been around since my first dentist post on this blog and possibly to blame for all my sinus issues and all the mouth issues!

I'm recently had the wisdom tooth removed, and I'm now waiting on surgery for both the root canal infection and the hernia, so hopefully once those get done I'll feel like a new man! Or a very broken old one...hmm... we'll see! ;-)

Anyway, I'm planning on writing more on here soon, but obviously it'll depend on how I get on...already starting on getting stuff together for this year's Halloween countdown though, so should definitely be back for that! 

In the meantime, if there's anything you haven't checked out on the blog yet, feel free to kill some time sifting through that, as there's quite a lot to read! But for now, I'm off again! Thanks for sticking around and I'll hopefully be back soon!