Sunday, 4 May 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!

Once again, May the 4th rolls around and everybody's going silly for Siths, 'Sabers and Starkillers! I thought I might as well stick a post up as well, but first off, before we get into all the Star Wars stuff, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day and Dark Horse Digital had  all sorts of things to read for the massive price of nothing!

They do, of course, also do a whole load of Star Wars comics, and so here's links to starter packs for Star Wars EmpireStar Wars : Knights Of The Old Republic and Star Wars : Legacy! Again, these are free! Definitely not free is the Star Wars May The 4th Megabundle! This will set you back $100, but you get 151 comics to download for your cash! 

You might also want to head over to Marvel and other comic-type places to see if they've any free stuff to download! Anyway, that's nowhere near enough Star Wars for May The Fourth, so have a few cartoons and things....

Like Droids!


And Caravan Of Courage