Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Real Ghostbusters - Choose Your Own Adventure (Free With Trio Biscuits)

Trio biscuits were named as such due to three amazing types of food-stuff being smooshed together...chocolate, toffee and a biscuit-base! The topic of today's post was a similar melding together of three awesome things...and although it doesn't work out being quite as great as Trio biscuits, the fact it was free meant it was still pretty decent...

The trio of stuffs that make up this crazy other thing, are all things I loved towards the end of Primary school...the aforementioned biscuits, The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and choose-your-own adventure style role playing books! 

For some sort of promo-campaign, the free comic you can read below was the result of this particular smoosh-up, and as I've already said, whilst it's a bit rubbish and not very substantial, it was still a pretty cool thing to get as a little extra with your snacks!

Now, remember not to read this straight through or it won't make much sense...go to whatever page your choices direct you to interact and follow the story!

Although I've only got the above comic, there were another five to collect, as can be seen in the pic below. I've never ever seen any of these other ones....not even the covers, until I found this pic online whilst putting this post if anybody knows if scans exist of these somewhere online, gimme a shout as I'd love to read them all!

I used to read the actual Real Ghostbusters comic too, but I've probably got enough to say about that, the toys and the cartoon for another blog post somewhere down the line, so yeah.....keep an eye out for that sometime this century! 

Oh, and I just discovered whilst looking at the Trio Wiki-page that they've apparently brought Trio biscuits back after 13 years! So have a look for those in the shops too, if you want to reintroduce your tastebuds to them or have never sampled them before!

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