Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Oink! Issue 13


(From Wikipedia....)

"Oink! was a British comic book magazine for children which was published from 3 May 1986 to 22 October 1988. It set out to be deliberately anarchic, reminiscent of Viz but for children. The creators also cited Mad magazine as a major influence.

Part of its difference in the marketplace was that it attracted writers and cartoonists from a wide range of previous disciplines. It was devised, launched and edited by Patrick Gallagher, Private Eye regular contributor Tony Husband and Mark Rodgers, although within the fiction of the comic it was "edited" by a character called Uncle Pigg (similar to 2000 AD's Tharg the Mighty). The comic also followed 2000 AD's lead in crediting its contributors for their work, still a rarity in British comics at that time. Featured artists and writers included Husband's Private Eye colleague David Haldane, ex-The Fall member and future BBC Radio 1 radio host Marc "Lard" Riley, Malcolm Douglas, Brickman creator Lew Stringer, future Beano writer/artist Kev F Sutherland, future Marvel artist, writer and editor & current SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine editor David Leach, future Financial Times cartoonist Jeremy Banks, and satirical media commentator-to-be Charlie Brooker. Viz founders Davy Thorp and Chris Donald also contributed some one-off strips, as did The Beano's Tom Paterson and John Geering. Illustrator Steve McGarry was an occasional contributor, including creating front covers for two issues.."

There, that should get you up to speed with what Oink! comic was all about, a lot better than my first attempt at trying to describe it which basically amounted to 'like a British Mad Magazine'

Often controversial, but usually very funny, Oink was a big part of my childhood, and I would often try and draw comic strips that were heavily influenced by what I read in it's pages...
Anyway, something that Oink liked to do with each issue (at least at the start) was to have it themed around a certain topic...Issue 13 was the Horror issue, and so I thought it would be fun to show you a few pages from it here, instead of the usual American horror comics....

(From Oink! issue 13, dated October 18th 1986)

I hope you found some of that interesting or funny! There's certainly a lot of interesting stuff going on at the other bloggers pages, and you can check them out by clicking the badge below and heading to the Countdown To Halloween hub...I'll be back tomorrow with another post! Later, Stuffers!

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