Sunday, 31 October 2021

Some Last Minute Halloween Treats from The Museum Of Classic Chicago Television!

Well, I had planned to do another Gruesome Games post, but all the games I was going to cover are suffering from various issues that means I can't grab any screens from them, so those will have to wait until next year....

And then I was going to go buy some Halloween-type treats to show you, but I forgot it was a Sunday and the shops close early, so those will have to wait until next year too....

So instead, here's a selection of random clips from The Museum of Classic Chicago Television I've been saving for Hallowe'en, which we can watch together! What is the museum all about? Well, let's ask them.....

"The MCCTv (FuzzyMemoriesTV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose primary mission is the preservation and display of off-air, early home videotape recordings (70s to early 80s, mostly) recorded off of TV (in Chicago or other cities now too); things which would likely be lost if not sought out and preserved digitally. If you have any old 1970s videotapes recorded off of TV let us know at:"

They are currently doing a fundraiser on Youtube, so if you can spare a few coins go throw some their way for giving us access to these videos, which I would never have seen otherwise, especially coming from the UK! Or you can visit their site to donate at a later date! But for now, lets get on with watching these things!

First up, here's a 'Hobgoblin March' from 'The Bozo Show' which apparently aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, October 29th 1982 during the 7:00am to 8:30am timeframe. The Hobgoblin March is basically a segment where kids would parade their Halloween costumes to some music...take a watch and see what costumes you can spot! 

Next up is an ABC Network Halloween Special called 'The Halloween That Almost Wasn't', starring Judd Hirsch as Dracula in a tale about monssters becoming too soft and a slightly miffed Drac telling them they need to get frightening again or he'll leave the castle forever!

Next is a special spooky episode of Mork and Mindy called 'A Morkville Horror' which sees Mindy's childhood home haunted by her dead relatives, making it a little tricky to sell....

And finally a Halloween themed episode of Bewitched called "To Trick-or-Treat or Not to Trick-or-Treat", which features some angry transmogrifying tricks to make certain people undertand why sterotypes can be a bad thing...

Hope you enjoyed those! I certainly did, as it gave me a little look at what TV was like in the US in the early '80s around this time of year!


And that's it! That's us for another year! Came around bloody quick didn't it!?
Too soon, you say? Not enough Halloween? well, there will still be plenty of stuff to keep you going for days if you take a look at all of the other participants of the Countdown To Halloween's stuff...Click this badge below here, and get yerself off to the hub!

I'd just like to say it's been an honour to be part of the Countdown again this year, and well done to all the Cryptkeepers for keeping the season alive with all their spectacularly spooky shenanigans! Let's do it all again soon!!

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  1. Trip down memory lane. I remember that Mork and Mindy episode so well. Happy Halloween!