Saturday, 15 January 2011

Games Collection - Spectrum (part 1)

I thought it was time I added pics of my extensive Speccy collection.....I'll do it in 3 parts, as it's a lot of pics for 1 post! Hehe...


  1. Great stuff, I'd love to be able to get all my old Speccy stuff back. Had the +2 model (with the disk drive - no loading!), Shadow of the Beast, couple of Dizzy games, US Gold Giants, Captain Dynamo, some kind of 3D game maker thing, a Dracula text adventure... Not many, but enough to keep us entertained in the pre-Mega Drive years.

  2. The Speccy was my first proper computer, and so it's still my favourite! The good thing is it's mostly still pretty cheap to collect for, so if you really wanted it shouldn't be too much of a problem getting the stuff you mention back! And of course, if you're stuck for space or don't want to re-invest in actual hardware, there's always emulation and World Of Spectrum!