Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cinema Of Stuff Presents.... VIY (Spirit Of Evil) 1967

Just discovered this little Russian treat on Youtube and thought I'd share it with you....The story is based on a Ukrainian folk tale as told to Nikolai Gogol.....and it tells the tale of Khoma, a young monk/philosopher who whilst on leave from his seminary, stays the night in an old woman's stable....

He soon discovers that the old woman is more than she seems, and after some strange happenings and a fight with the hag, he makes a hasty retreat back home. He is then summoned by a dying young woman to come and pray for her soul, and she will accept no one but him to do the task. When he arrives at her home however, he finds she is already dead, and so her father tells him he must spend 3 nights in the church praying, until her soul is saved.....

As you can probably tell from the posters, her soul isn't going to rest very easily, and all manner of horrors await young Khoma as he struggles with his own faith and attempts to thwart evil....

(Edit* Damn...Apparently the videos need to be watched on Youtube, but I'll leave them up here so they're easily found!)

Apparently there's a remake in the works too, due for release this's the trailer for that!


  1. One of my favourite films ever, fantastic stuff here!

    I love how each night gets more and more demented - that third night's just insane, especially with the Power Rangers-style special effects.

    1. Yeah, great film! Glad I found it!

      I reckon this remake that's happening might not be as good though, as it'll probably rely too much on more modern movie influences instead of general freakiness! We shall see might be amazing!

  2. I like the look of the creeping vines in that remake trailer, but the rest of it's all "Ring"-style "scary girl" poses and fast-flash-scary-cuts... But we'll see!