Thursday, 4 May 2017

Star Wars - The Assassination Of Darth Vader (Dark Horse 2013)

Back on Free Comic Book Day 2013, Dark Horse gave away this comic book with a story set shortly before Episode IV. I missed it at the time, due to all the free comics being gone from my local comic shop about 5 minutes after opening every Free Comic Book day, but I managed to find it in a charity shop recently with a load of others.

So I thought with it being May the Fourth and everything, I'd upload the story on to the blog for every one else who missed it...Enjoy!

(As always, click to go big!)

Oh, and remember that this year's Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, the 6th of May! Dark Horse have some Buffy and Avatar comics for grabs this year, so if you're quicker getting to a comic book store than me, you might be able to pick those up! :)

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