Monday, 3 December 2012

13 Days Of Creepmas - Creepy Kids Stuff!

There have been some pretty freaky things released over the years supposedly to "entertain" children, and I don't mean the more modern obviously gross or spooky things....These things were meant as non-scary stuff! So I thought I'd throw a few pics on here to give you an idea of what horrible creatures toy and doll makers really are.....

This Lovely chap is 
a head and torso doll from the 70s
 that allowed you to plaster disguises all 
over it. You could move his arms with a string, 
meaning you could make it look even creepier!

His range of disguises included several that made him look
like a member of the living dead, which whilst sounding pretty awesome, probably meant that you'd then have to remember to remove all the bits before you went off to bed, or you'd have the monster you created staring back at you! Having said that, his face is pretty freaky all by itself...

I have no idea why the freaky sailor dolls above exist, but one of them scared the hell out of a friend and I when we stayed at another friend's house once. The friend-whose-house-we-were-in's parents had acquired  such a creature, and kept it locked up in a display cabinet in one of the rooms. His parents had a habit of going out at weekends too....

So me and this other friend stayed the night quite often when the sailor-harbouring chaps parents were away, so we could sit and watch films into the wee small hours and generally stay up late free from the wrath of our own parents...

So one night we were going off to sleep, and as I got up and put off the light and mentioned not being happy at sharing the room with the evil doll, my friend commented on how he hated the fact the little git seemed to always look right at you despite looking to the right...."Yeah!" I said as I snuggled into my sleeping bag....

Only it didn't look to the looked to the left. As I remembered just as I was about to doze off, which caused me to bang up and frighten the lad on the other couch half to death! I rushed to the light switch, flicked it on and looked at the doll....sure enough it now seemed to be looking left, despite both my friend and I being sure it had been facing right when we turned the light off...I don't think I need to tell you that we decided to sleep in the other room that night and every time we stayed after that...even if it was maybe just us being a bit too paranoid!

This next lot are just some creepy pics I found of more horrible toys that will have freaked out some poor helpless children at some point in the past!


  1. We've got a creepy old Jack-in-the-Box, looks like it's from the 1960's (at least!). I used to be a real shit with it, putting it at the end of my brother's bed before he went to sleep (or before he woke up).

  2. But... but... Blippy's not creepy, he's cute! Look how colorful and fun looking he is. It's like he's from a planet made of candy.

    1. He's a grinning alien clown beast whose only purpose is to pop out of a box at high speed and frighten children! He's creepy.... ;-)