Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ocean Power - Issue 2 - Spring 1994 (Promo Mag)

Another set of scans today, from another magazine I found hidden away in a box. It's Ocean Power, a promo magazine given away with CVG magazine to big up Ocean Software's latest releases! This one is issue 2 from Spring 1994. Unfortunately, the mag was too big to scan in properly, but I've only missed a few words from a couple of articles...it was mostly just page side-headings and photos that I had to miss! Anyway, hope you enjoy having a look at this....

For more old Ocean Software stuff, you can check out the rather groovy Facebook page, A Life On The Ocean Software Waves, which has loads of old photos, artwork and info on all things Ocean! 


  1. A bit smug of Ocean to review their own games, haha! Always nice to see "relics" like this though - I've got one that came with Mean Machines Sega called "Into 1995 on the Mega Drive with Ocean" which is mostly games that never even came out - Mr. Nutz 2, Putty Squad, The Flintstones (movie tie-in game) and Addams Family Values. Interesting!

    Also from Mean Machines Sega I have "Acclaim-ed" - a magazine all about upcoming Acclaim games on the Mega Drive, featuring another no-show... Itchy & Scratchy, the game!

    1. Yeah, I love finding stuff with games that never appeared for whatever reasons...I always hold out hope that someone will find near finished copies somewhere like they did with Starfox 2 and stuff like that! ;)