Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sega Superstars Volume One (1992) - Free Book With CVG Magazine

Heya! Here's another old freebie I found whilst hunting through boxes at the flat. This one is a book of previews of Sega games, that came free with an issue of CVG (Computer and Video Games) magazine sometime in 1992....

Not much else to say about it really. It's just a cool wee book of screens and stuff that I thought deserved scanning in! Enjoy!

(Remember to click the pics to go big!)


  1. Definitely worth a scanning, I love things like this :)

  2. Huh, Rolo to the Rescue was originally called Furry Friends... And Rolo was called Joey?

    Zombie High's another on the list of games that never saw the light of day... Think I played a prototype ROM a few years ago, shame. That Robin Hood game on the Master System looks like it could've been fun too.

    1. Yeah, weird about Rolo to the Rescue stuff isn't it! Love these preview book things for exactly that reason...can find all sorts of weird things that changed or didn't actually happen...

      Like Zombie High! I covered the prototype rom a few years back in Gruesome Games..