Sunday, 30 April 2017

New Pick-Ups & Birthday Stuff....(part 1)

Okay, so it's been a while since I properly posted and as such, I've amassed a whole load of other stuff from charity shops, and also reached the rather-scary age of 40, so have a few things to show off from my birthday presents and birthday money spending too!

First up is the Madballs Head Poppers Dust Brain figure, and an awesome Madballs mug for my Birthday! Got these from my Mum who is doing well finding random madball stuff for me lately! :)

I got some cool stuff from my niece and her family this Goonies T-shirt and two tubes of bubbles! 

They also got me some fudge, but the Sega Superstars Eye-toy game I bought myself for £1 in a charity shop...

These cool Marvel Pocket Books were £1.50 each from a charity shop! The Chiller books have Dracula and Man-Thing stories in them, and Conan Obviously stars the barbarian himself, but also has a Kull The Conqueror strip...there's some good ads in a couple of these that I might upload at some point too! :)

From the same shop I got this Beano Comic Library which was a bit pricey at £1.50 (they usually go for about 50p each), but the subject matter made it worth it. The Sugar and Spike book was only £1, which was odd because it was the biggest of the comics at 100 pages! Might upload a strip from it at a later date so you lot can have a read! 

Another couple of strategy guides for a couple of quid each...the original Pokemon guide for Gameboy, and Carmageddon 2 : Carpocalypse Now on PC!

From the same shop as the above guides, I found this Game Genie codebook for £1. I'll probably just chuck this up on Ebay as I don't have a Game Genie, but I thought it was too good a find to leave there!

This next item cost me a £1, and I've yet to get it to work on my's a CD of loads of Freeware titles. I got my brother to test it on his PC, and have worked out how to get it to run on mine now, so after I write this I'm off to try some of the games out. I'll let you know if I find any gems...or real stinkers! 

I also found these 360 games for £2 each....Call Of Duty: Black Ops and Armored Core 4! Both seem okay from the little I've played...although Black Ops doesn't feel as good to play as Ghosts, which I'm currently playing through. It seems to have more screen clutter...if you know what I mean? Too much going on for my poor old eyes...

Right, that's probably enough to be getting on with for now....I'll post the rest of the pick-ups in my next post, and then get back to posting a bit more regularly again! See you in a bit, stuffers! :)


  1. That mug's beautiful, top of my wants list now! Been picking up the Head Poppers here and there since before I was ten (Dust Brain was my second one), it's taken over two decades but I'm one off a full set now, ha...

    Used to love getting those freeware/shareware collections from Woolies - memorable games include Dig It (Dig Dug reimagined as a 2D platformer) and Bad Toys (a Doom clone set in a toy factory).

    1. Yeah, the mug is cool! I'm jealous of your Head Popper collection though! I've got a Screaming Meemie one somewhere that's broken, and a Wolf Breath body but lost the head...

      The main problem with the Head Poppers is that they go off randomly on their own! I sat Dust Brain on top of m TV the other night, went off to college, came back and his head had disappeared!! Hehe! Managed to find it eventually...

      Been chucking stuff up on Ebay, so haven't had a chance to check out the Freeware disc yet...Like I say, if I find anything interesting I'll share it on here! :)

    2. My Screaming Meemie is broken too, oddly enough...
      Bruise Brother was the first one I ever got, and the head-popping must've wound me up even as a nipper - his head's glued on!