Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Review from fanzine....B.O.B. on the Super Nintendo

Here's a review of  B.O.B. on the Super NES.....this was moved between all my various unpublished fanzines, and so again for posterity, here it is complete with cut out pics.... (..Oh, and the bit at the end with Action Man & Dale Winton was my attempt at some Your Sinclair style humour...)

It's always the same isn't it? You've got to be at a certain place at a certain time but as soon as you try to get there, things start to go wrong. Once, I was going to this posh dinner party but halfway there I was kidnapped by these aliens that all looked like zany ex-Pres..Ronald Reagan!

On their ship there was this giant pink blancmange and it.. *due to limitations of this fanzine, this review has been cut by 47 pages here!* ..256 barrels of fishcakes, 4 pogo sticks and a pint of Guinness!!

The hero of this game is having similar problems. B.O.B. is headed for a hot date.. but, alas, he crashes his transport on the way. In order to fix it, he must make his way through 15 alien infested levels. Once these are completed, he sets off again, only to succeed in crashing on 2 more planets, each consisting of another 15 levels, making that a total of 45 levels B.O.B. has to fight through to reach his dream babe!

Wheee! Just like The Jetsons!

To help him, B.O.B. has a number of items tucked away in his tum! These can be accessed by pressing "X" on the joypad, and include a helicopter hat, an umbrella (to survive long drops) and a smart bomb! He also has a number of weapons to fry those two-bit alien freaks!!

Coo! He's had his Ready Brek!

Both the weapon ammo & gadgets are of limited supply, but he can pick more up along the way. If, however, you do find yourself one Bazooka short of a bloodbath, you can use your built in boxing glove to dispose of the baddies !

Bloody rush hour traffic, eh!?

Bob is a fun little game to play. The death scenes are quite funny, & it's good fun working out which power ups to use at the right time! After a while though, you'll get a bit fed up looking at the same backdrops & doing the same things, & tire of the novelty and humour of the game. All the same, a good few hours fun are to be had with this crazy little bot!

Action Man Says.." Pah! Call that action? I once took on 400 crazed Dale Winton fans single handedly!!"

Dale says.."It's true!!!"

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