Monday, 17 December 2012

Continuing Creepmas! Gruesome Gift Ideas 3

Breverton's Phantasmagoria (£6.89)

This book is a great collection of mythical monsters, peculiar people, bizarre buildings and all sorts of other weird and wonderful stuff. Filled with illustrations and art from throughout history, it's the perfect gift for anyone interested in the odd and unusual!
You can read about Atlantis, Old Mother Shipton, Demons, Quantum Honey Bees, Vampires,  Plains Devils, Unicorns, Ghosts, Narwhals, Mongolian Death Worms, Giant Balls, Roswell....and loads more! To take a quick look at the first pages of the book, click here to go to the book on Amazon and then click the book's cover there for a peek inside.....

Doctor Who Flesh Goo Pod (£5.99)

What do you get the Doctor Who fan who has everything? Probably not this weird gloop, but lets take a look at it anyway....
Yes, based on the The Rebel Flesh from series 6 of the new Who episodes, it appears to be a load of white slime with added slightly-melted Matt Smith body parts...goodness knows why!? The "Collect all the parts" sticker suggests you might not even get the head in amongst the extra bits, meaning you might just have a couple of legs and an arm to stick in your goo....
The longer you leave the gloop, the more liquid-like it becomes, meaning you'll have even more mess to clean up afterwards....It's all a bit odd, but y'know...might be fun for a gift, or even as a prank to pretend your mate's Matt Smith figure was really a Flesh version that you've just melted in to a pile of slime! Anyway, you can pick it up from here...

Mealy Monsters (from $20 + $10 shipping to UK)

Artist Nicole Johnson has created lots of these groovy sculptures! You can find them here... and she also does custom works and has her very own blog here.... so take a look at that too! Prices range from $20 to $175 at the shop, and I'm guessing you'd have to discuss custom orders.....but here's a look at some of her stuff! 


  1. Phantasmagoria's already on my Xmas list, and if it doesn't happen I'll get it in January, certainly - have you read The Book Of Imaginary Beings by Borges? Similar thing, all collected from religeon and folklore.

    As for those Mealy Monsters, the hand-sized green thing with the hat's adorable!

    1. Cheers...Haven't read that! Will need to have a hunt online for it! Phantasmagoria is great though....384 pages of quality reading! :)

  2. Guessing the computer's acting up again?

  3. Nope...the immune system is acting up again! Over Christmas and New Year I had the Norovirus followed by fun fun! Seem to be on the mend now though, so new post soon! ;-)

    1. Ooh, that vomiting thing? There's no envy from me there! Hope all's well now then :)

  4. those mealy monsters are really cool.