Saturday, 4 May 2013

Massive Load Of Pick-Ups and Stuff! ( Part 1)

Hello again! of the reasons I haven't been posting so much lately is because I've been scouring the charity shops and places like Amazon and Ebay looking for stuff to add to my various collections, and unlike usual, I've found loads and loads of stuff! This has meant that I've been reading more, playing even more games than usual and struggling to find space to put all these newly acquired items.

I thought you lot lot would probably be interested to see what I've found, and although I'd love to do a Youtube style pick-up video, I still don't have decent technology to be able to make one, so you'll just need to do with a few crappy pics! These posts will just be showing you what I got by the way, and not going in to too much depth about things...but if there's something you'd like a closer look at, pop a comment below and I might just go and have a closer look in a future post! 

Right, lets get on with it then...first up, lets take a look at some comics! I got all of these in an Oxfam bookshop in Edinburgh, and they cost either 25p, 50p or a quid! Can't really remember what cost what, but yeah..some good finds! That particular shop seems to get loads of comics handed in after comic sales in town, so I'll be keeping an eye out for more...

Next up is a batch of Sega Megadrive / Genesis games that I found in another charity shop. These all cost 2 quid each, and are all in good condition with the manuals and everything included! My Megadrive collection took a big hit a couple of years ago when I decided to start selling some stuff to clear space, so it was nice to find these to bulk it back up a bit....

And last for this first pick-up post, it's some Tron Legacy action figures that I found in Poundland for a pound each! I went back the next day to see if I could find some more, but they had all mysteriously disappeared, so I'm glad I managed to pick up this lot all at once, because I was kind of thinking I'd just get a couple and then go back, but I picked up one of each the toys I saw that day...

So that's the first lot of stuff out of the way...Next time we'll look at some Spectrum and PS2 games, some more comics, a couple of books and some more toys! See ya then....


  1. Damn, they're some good finds there. If you're ever getting rid of the Battle of the Planets comic let me know *grovelgrovel* :D

    1. Hehe...that was one of my favourite finds! The actual comic is a bit crap, but it's still cool to have! :D