Thursday, 9 May 2013

Massive Load Of Pick-Ups & Stuff ! (Part 2)

Okay, so I promised you Spectrum games...well you'll have to wait for those as they're at my flat and I'm writing this at my parents...but here's some more of the stuff I've picked up recently! Above and below you can see some of the Garbage Pail Kid posters I picked up off a chap on Ebay...planning to get some more of those soon! They cost £3 each, apart from the Eat My Face one which was £8, and that's now shot up to just under £30 selling from the same chap for some reason!! Was lucky I got it when I did then! They all came with the original wrapper too, which was nice....

And here's some PS1 games I managed to find in a charity shop for 50p each....oh, apart from ONE....that cost me £2.99 from a video game shop called Gamesmaster in Edinburgh...

Next we have the first in a big batch of PS2 games I've amassed over the last couple of months....think my collection must have grown to about 350 PS2 games now! Most of these cost a £1, but there were some that were a bit more....don't think any were more than a £3 though!

And here's some more boxed toys! The Guitar Hero Lars was £3 from a charity shop, and the N-Fested Stretch Screamer was from Ebay, but can't remember how much that cost exactly...think it was about £4!

Some more comics's some 2000ADs and a Spiderman comic I discovered in a Shelter charity shop yesterday, all for 50p each!

And these books were some more good charity shop finds! The rather weighty Commando book was £3.00, the Anime Explosion was £2.00 and the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook was £1.50...I couldn't find a price on the Fable novel, so the chap behind the counter gave me it for 50p when I bought it along with the Anime book! And as an added bonus, it still has an unscratched code for a unique Fable 3 weapon download in the back!! Yay!!

Finally here's some Wii Games I found in a local exchange shop for £2 each, and Dishonored on the 360 which cost me £10 from CEX...Oh, and Midtown Madness 3 on Xbox which I picked up for a £ doesn't have an inlay, as I think it must have come bundled with an Xbox or something originally...

Phew! More books and comics still to come in the next pick-up post, as well as those Spectrum games! And we've barely scratched the surface with the PS2 stuff.......See ya soon for more then! 


  1. Like the GPK posters - I got the set of eight for £12 from eBay a few years back - the three "food"-themed ones are hanging in my kitchen!

    Meanwhile, Ghost Squad on the Wii - cracking game, that one.

    1. Yeah, Ghost Squad is pretty cool! Just the right level of cheesy dialogue I like in my gun-games too! ;)

      I didn't discover the cheaper full sets on Ebay until after I had bought the posters...but I suppose with these lot I get the wrappers as well! And the guy also sends a disc with loads of sticker scans and extra Garbage Pail Kid stuff on it too! :)

  2. Tomb Raider: TLR was the last good TR game until Legend/Anniversary. The only downside to it is the level layouts. Going between areas was a good idea, but it would've been better if the loading times were streamed like in Soul Reaver instead of static loading screens.

    FFX-2 is meant to be pretty good but I don't think I got past the first big boss at the top of the tower you've to race up. I think that was the first thing you've to do! lol. I'll have to try it again so I can see the proper ending to Tidus's story.

    Wacky Races is good for a laugh. Until the AI gets ramped up ridiculously on the last set of races. We couldn't get past the first race! You need to have absolutely perfect laps or you're screwed.

    1. Hehe...think I've got to about the same bit on FFX-2...I already own it, but it's a promo copy I picked up when I worked at Game. so it doesn't have a box or anything, just a small blue case! I'll get round to playing it properly one day, but it's quite far down my "RPGs still to play" list.....