Friday, 6 September 2013

Massive Load Of Pick-Ups & Stuff ! ( Part 3 )'s been a while! There are various reasons it's taken me so long to get back to writing the blog, but as none are very interesting I'll just say that the main one is that I got really annoyed with Blogger after I wrote a post for 3 hours only for it to get deleted by me pressing the wrong button, and then becoming irretreivable due to Blogger's "wonderful" auto save feature, which saved at the exact moment of deletion! I tried pressing several buttons and the like, but to no avail....needless to say, I was pretty miffed!

Still, I seem to have come out of my huff at the site, so we'll see how we go! Let's just get back to where I left it...with more of these pick-ups! Above you can see a Bananaman special, which I picked up in a charity shop for 50p! 

Next is an issue of Big Comic Fortnightly, a comic that collected various reprinted strips from classic Fleetway comics! Much like Funny Fortnightly, which I also found an issue of that you can see below! I think these were both about 50p each, from the same charity shop as Bananaman...

The next set of comics also came from the same charity shop, but as they were in pretty bad condition, they were a bit cheaper at 25p each. The Return Of The Jedi issue 1 has no back cover, and the Topper & Nutty are a bit tattered and stained with some random beverage splashes, but are readable and worth having regardless...

I found this copy of Operation Wolf on Sega Master System for 1.99 in Cash Generator! Being a huge fan of the arcade game, I snapped it up, as I heard it's probably the best conversion. It was a good excuse to try out a Sega Master System Converter II I picked up for my Megadrive a while back too!

This next item is a bit random! It's a Kojak Crime Story Jigsaw! The cover opens up allowing you to read a story of a crime that's been committed, and you build up the jigsaw and look for clues in the picture to solve the case! It was a charity shop find for a couple of quid, and despite not really remembering much about the series, I thought I'd pick it up anyway...I used to get called Kojak by my family when I was a baby y'see, due to being bald and having a great love of lollypops......

On to the games now, and here's some more PS2 stuff...I won't go in to too much detail with these, as I'll probably cover most of them on here at some point hopefully! I will give a special shout out to GreigShelob 
though, who sent me the copy of Ico, a game I've been looking to pick up for years! Thanks again, dude! All the rest were 2 or 3 quid and picked up either from Amazon or charity shops....

Some PS1 games were also acquired from charity shops for about 50p each, the only exception being Crusaders of Might & Magic, which despite not being the best game in the world, I actually sought out online as I used to have it back in the day and felt like a nostalgia trip! Cost me a couple of quid....

And finally, these bloody Spectrum games I've been on about for ages.....The Konami Collection below was picked up at the same time as the MS Operation Wolf above, and cost me a pound! 

The next lot were purchased off a couple of chaps at World Of Spectrum from there Ebay pages, for some very reasonable prices! There's a few Commodore 64 games in there as well...oh, and More Tea, Vicar? which I bought from Cronosoft for 3.99!

So yeah, another good haul of stuff! I've kind of lost track of the rest of the pick-ups as they've merged in to the rest of my collection, but it was mainly PS2 games that I'll eventually cover, so we'll leave it at that for now! Besides, I suppose I'd better get back to these Gruesome Games soon, hadn't I......


  1. No probs about Ico. As I said I managed to pick up the original card version after getting the plastic case one. I bet the combined price I paid is less than the price of them on ebay nowadays! And I'd rather someone who takes care and enjoys games has it than some numpty that just wants to see what the fuss is about before forgetting about it ;)

    The PS1 snooker game is great fun. There's a way to always get a red potted from the break but I can't remember exactly how to do it. I think you move right as far as you can WITHOUT pressing any other button, then maybe put a little spin on it?

  2. I've got a slight addiction to those Fleetway reprint collections, got tons of the things now!

    Found a bag of around 20 issues of Funny Fortnightly in a 2nd-hand shop last year (or possibly the year before). FUN FACT: The covers of Funny Fortnightly are all reprints of Krazy covers!

    The BVC is a good one (and the last one they did). It stands for Big Value Comic, and it was massive. The cover said it contained the best parts of Big Comic, Best of Buster and Best of Whoopee, plus it also had a new strip every issue about Big Top squirty cream (the comic's "sponsor"!).

  3. Oooh, I'll need to keep an eye out for copies of BVC then....can't recall ever having read any of those before! :)