Friday, 25 October 2013

The Floating Coffin !!

Well, due to the usual computer issues, general feelings of crap health, real life stuff and a certain recently released 360 game that goes by the name of GTAV, I'm left with only 6 days to post stuff of a spooky nature! I'll say now though that I might only manage to post on a few of these remaining days too, so don't expect me to finally get through the remaining games on the Gruesome list....there's always Creepmas for those though! ;-)

Anyway, to kick things off I thought I'd take another trip to the creepy collection of  comics over at the Digital Comic Museum, where I found this terrible tale of spooky seaweed! It reaffirms the belief that people should leave seagulls well alone too, something I have to remember when they wake me up at 6am knocking on my window wanting bread scraps.....

Thanks once again go to museum uploader tilliban for uploading Farrell's Fantastic Fears 3, from which this story was taken...

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