Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Gruesome Gift Ideas ~ No.2 : Deadstone Valley

The last lot of toys I covered as Gruesome Gift ideas were somewhat expensive, and so for this next suggestion I decided to go a bit cheaper and cover something I managed to collect almost a full set of for £12!

Deadstone Valley collectables are exactly the sort of thing I would have expected in my Christmas stocking as a 10 year old kid! They're just the sort of slightly bad-taste, disgusting things I loved to collect back then like Madballs, Garbage Pail Kids, Rude Ralph, etc.

Each single pack comes with one of the characters, a coffin, a headstone with an "inscription" (basically a sticker stuck on) telling you about the figure and how they died, and a "burial plot" which is just a piece of cardboard, with a hole you can pop out and place the coffin and headstone in!

You'll also find a "burial code", which will direct you to the toy's website where you can give your character a proper virtual burial, and create your own ghoulish creations and bury them too! Originally £6.99 each, they're currently retailing on Amazon for £1.74 per pack,  but I actually got mine for a pound each from Poundland! They were still selling them in there when I was in the other day, so if you have a Poundland store near you, pop in and see if there are any left!

The build of the toy is quite cheap, but for your money you do get something nice to sit on your shelf (or keep in it's box and pin it on your wall, like I did with mine!)...well, I say nice...but obviously these won't be perfect or appropriate for every child, just sick little freaks like I was as a kid! The coffins have a few nice touches like little rats inside, and you can swap heads between characters to create some weird combos!
Here's the characters and their tombstone text.....

Auntie Flo lays beneath, 
She took a deep breath, 
and swallowed her teeth.

Ballerina Matilda was dancing away,
she stood on a hairy spider
and died the next day.

Poor Sally lies here all alone,
After she choked at the wedding
on a chicken bone.

Here lies the body of Pirate Frank,
who died at sea
after walking the plank.

Poor old Gunslinger Joe,
He got shot down below
and died ever so slow.

This is the grave of Jailbird Suggs,
who's rotting away covered in bugs.

Poor Maizie The Maid.
Killed by a wooden stake to the head.

Here lies the body of Old Judge Wriggs,
laid to rest in his robe and wig.

Here lies scientist Hannah Batiste,
who was killed in her lab by a radioactive beast.

Here lies the explorer Terry Jones,
All that's left are his skull and bones.

Here lies Traffic Warden Fred,
Died after a parking meter fell on his head.

Here lies the wrestler Lucky McGraw, 
Who was thrown from the ring and broke his jaw.

Like I said, I managed to get these for £1 each, but there are other packs to this one above that I've just sent for (about £3 from Toys 'R' Us) where you also get two grave diggers and the Undertaker. The most expensive one I've seen is about £14.99, and it appears to feature pretty much the same as the pack above but also has a poster and checklist and different packaging (see below)...

Still it's a pretty cheap thing to collect, so if you do have some poor disturbed creature who would like such things, young or old, then you'd do well to snap these up before they disappear for good!


  1. Saw these the other day, but left them behind as I only had enough on me for the three boxes of chocolate liqueurs I'd gone in for... They seem fun enough (especially the cowboy), but I WISH that the toy-makers would stop with the zombies!

    1. Same with videogames! I mean I know zombies are meant to gather in great numbers and that's what makes them scary, but there must be about 700 billion different games starring them by now!

      But yeah, at least these ones get back in their coffins! ;)