Friday, 22 May 2015

Madballs in... "Mad Love"

Here's some more scans from stuff I've found lying hidden away in boxes! This lot comes from the short lived Marvel / Star Comics comic Madballs, based on the gross 'n' groovy '80s toys! The comic started as a 3 issue mini-series in the States in 1986, then in 1987 it ran from issue 4 to 10 as a bi-monthly, before unfortunately being cancelled. It was also published by Marvel UK in 1987, which is how I got my now cover-less issue, and due to the lack of a cover, I have no idea which issue this is actually from!

Anyway, here's the which Dr. Frankenbeans (creator of the least in this Marvel comic universe..) decides to create one last Madball, a female called Madbelle, who he hopes will cause the destruction of the annoying original batch o' balls! 

After the story were these two pages, where you could have your own go at creating
Madbelle using cardboard, glue and scissors! I never did of course, as that would have meant sacrificing the start of the next story, which I'm not posting as it's unfortunately incomplete now anyway, due to the missing cover.....

As a little parting bonus, here's a pic of the Madballs introducing themselves just after being created, which I discovered online. Note Bash Brain is still called Crack Head, his name before Amtoy decided to change it due to connotations with certain slang-terms for drug users! In a future post, I might chuck some pics up of my own Madball collection, as I still have some of the original toys lying around somewhere...

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