Friday, 9 October 2015

Need Some Help with This Mystery Book of Strange Facts....

Years and years and years ago, my brother and I picked up this book from somewhere or other filled with hundreds of pages of Ripley-esque facts and oddities. It may well be a Ripley book even, but over the years it fell apart and all that's left are a few sections of random pages. 

I'd love to read the book again in it's entirety, but not knowing the title or publisher is obviously a bit of a problem in trying to track it down. I seem to remember it being called something pretty straightforward, like The Big Book of Amazing Facts or something along those lines...

And so I've decided to post a few pages here, in the hope that someone out there will recognise them or be able to help with the search! 

If you do have any idea what this book is, where to find it or anything else that might help me track it down, please leave a comment below or contact me through Twitter or Google! If not, then just enjoy reading the small selection of  crumpled and stained 'facts' that you can see here...


Ding, ding! I think we have a winner! Thanks to Tom's comments below, (much appreciated, dude), I think I might have found the book I'm looking for.....

It seems to have a couple of different covers, but that's the one that looks familiar and so is the one I want. Unfortunately, everywhere that has it for sale has no pic of the cover so I don't know what one I'm buying! I'm going to take a chance and get one from Amazon anyway, and I'll post the results of whatever appears in a later post! Yusss!


  1. It looks to me like a collection of C.B. Colby stories. He had a newspaper strip in the vein of Ripley's that were collected into books. I did a blog on one I have called "Strangely Enough".

    1. By the way, I love the story of The Philadelphia Experiment. "Gilbert" Einstein must have been Albert's lesser known and not-so-bright brother.

    2. How about this one: The Little Giant Book of Eerie Thrills & Unspeakable Chills.

    3. does seem to have a similar style, but it's not quite right somehow. But it's certainly a possibility that some of his strips were collected into a big book by a publisher this side of the pond, so thanks, I'll definitely check those books out! Even if they're different, they look like my kind of books! ;)

    4. By Jove, I think we've got it! I typed in Little Giant book into google images, and one of the other pictures that came up was for The Giant Book Of Fantastic Facts by G. Cropper! The cover looks very familiar for that! So thanks for putting me on the right path, Tom! I'm about 70% sure that it's probably that, so I'm going to buy it and I'll get back to it in a later post!

    5. That's great! Glad you found it. I've never heard of G. Cropper, but to echo your sentiment, it looks like my kind of book too.

    6. Just in case you need one more confirmation, this forum mentions this book along with the "Gilbert" Einstein reference in the Philadelphia Experiment article.

    7. Cool! Looks like it's definitely the one I'm after! Thanks again for your help! ;)