Monday, 22 August 2016

Retro Food Advertisements From 1982 /1983

Okay, so it's time for another selection of old ads from my Eagle collection, and as promised we're looking at eatables this time! Eagle had a section of the mag each week called "Sweet Talk" where they looked at any new sweets or snacks that were coming out, and reading through it was weird as I suddenly remembered all those flavours of food that I'd long forgotten! 

Like these Tom & Jerry bars below....

....and a whole load of things on this page! KP Griddles,  Smith's Farmer Browns and Golden Wonder 100s and 1000s!


And on this next page we have some Horror-themed goodies! Doctor Death's chews and Barratts Horror Candy sticks! And even more terrifying are the pictures of 80s pop-stars you can get in the Barratts Pop Star Lucky Bags!

This last one is a sweet I only have very vague recollections of.....Topps Bubble Gum Beans! 

On to the actual ads now, and first up a selection of Hubert Windpipe strips! Hubert was Anglo Bubbly's mascot for a while, and also appeared in ads for other Anglo sweets...

Some more Griddles ads next....Man, I really miss these old crisps! I can totally remember all the flavours!

These Outer Spacer ads were great! I only have the first and last parts, but I managed to find the middle bit online, so I've added it here so you can read the whole story! :)

Outer Spacers later became Alien Spacers, and these in turn evolved in to Space Raiders, which you can still buy today! 

A competiton to win a BMX with Barratt Sherbet below, which I could have put in the video game ad post too, as 2nd prize is some Firefox F7 games!

You can still get the Sherbet obviously, and you can still get these too! Caramac bars!

...and Curly Wurlys, only I don't think there's any Moose-based Clubs these days.....

These were a bit, cola flavoured ET Cola Cream biscuits! I've still got a card from one of these, and it still faintly whiffs of the biscuits.....


You can still get Skips, but there seems to be a lot weaker Prawn Cocktail flavour nowadays. I can remember them being pretty strong...

 Rowntree's Fruit Gums are still pretty popular too! 

I remember the stickers from this Nesquik promo adorning many a school workbook! Wonder if any one still has a working radio?

Wooo! A pounds worth of stamps from Rolo wrappers!

And lastly, a Superman III Shreddies set of wipeable game boards! I remember getting these and being pretty happy with them! They were a great set of collectables, and it's a pity I don't still have them!

That pretty much wraps up my collection of ads from Eagle...well apart from the Weetabix ads, which I'll put up in a post fairly soon, so keep an eye out for those! Laters!


  1. Those Hubert Windpipe ones are really nicely done!

    Did you see this round-up of less-than-good comic/ads I did a few years ago?

    1. Hehe..yeah, I remember reading it when you posted it! Oddly, I was pretty sure I had commented on it too, but apparently I didn't...I was going to tell you that there was still a Wimpy burger joint at my local Megabowl! Dunno if it's still there now though, as I haven't been in ages! :)

    2. Even our Megabowl's gone now, which is a bummer. THINK there's still a Wimpy two train stops away from me, but it's been five years since I went there - think there might possibly maybe be one in Blackpool (or Aberdeen? Losing track of where I am these days).