Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Christmas Pick-ups 2020 (part 1)


 was planning to put pictures up of all the retro stuff I picked up at Christmas on Twitter, but it seems that Twitter have suspended my account, probably because of me responding to all the Merry Christmas messages with the same response, which they then flagged as 'suspicious activity'...*sigh*

So instead, here's a closer look at all of my pickups on the blog. A lot of these are gifts I bought for myself over the last half of the year and put aside to make sure I had plenty to open at Christmas, some are even older items I had picked up ealier but barely looked at, and the remaining few are ones I got from family! But there are lots, so this will probably be a three-part pick-up at least! 

First up is a load of retro computing mags and annuals, all from Fusion Retro Books....there's the Fuison annual, a Resident Evil based issue of the Fusion mag, this year's Crash Annual and a sampler and first issue of the brand new Crash magazine that has recently been revived and is available to support on Patreon. More information on all of these can be found by clicking the link above...

These toys above are ones I've been looking for for ages. I used to have some as a kid, and I remember buying them from toy bins that were scattered aong the sides of the book aisles in John Menzies in edinburgh in the 80s. All that remains of my old collection is a head exactly the same as the creature on the left's, and I had no idea what the toys were called or who made them. Well now I do...these are from Britains Toys Deetail Stargard series!

This little dude is Zarak from LJN's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy line. He's another one I had as a kid that got lost in a move. I've been hunting him down for years too, as he fired memories of similar characters being in the intro to the D&D cartoon, which also took me ages to refind...here's the rarer dark intro to Season 2 where you can see what I mean!

For some reson it took ages for this intro to appear online, which made me question if it ever existed! anyway, it's good to have old Zarak back in my collection!

This Alien Xenomorph Madball was bought by my mum, and she did well....she apparently had intended to get me one of the old characters, but those have rocketed in price! I still have a lot of them anyway, so this was probably a safer purchase and one that is very appreciated! :) 

Ah, now this one is very special! It's another toy lost in the mists of time that I had as a kid, and this one has the special priveledge of being an old gift from Santa himself! The benevolent beardy one gave me this when I visited him in Edinburgh as a nipper, and so when I saw this while browsing Ebay a couple of weeks ago, I had to rebuy it! Especially as it came still packaged in the box and I could look at all the other ET toys on the back of the pack! 

These Marvel books were an old purchase that I repackaged as a new present, as I've barely looked at them. They collect a lot of the early comics in a handy pocket-sized form!

More from Marvel, and these Transformers collections are excellent! They gather together the old comics into handy volumes...and the first one has the bonus of having one of my favourite Marvel characters in too! The bounty hunting robot Death's Head!

And lastly for this first batch, here's an Intellivision TV game, that plugs straight into the telly and lets you play old classics like Night Stalker and Shark, Shark!


I'll post more of these in a day or two, so check back soon to get more retro memories fired up! 

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