Saturday, 31 October 2020

Vincent Price STILL Still Haunts My Youtube!

 Have some last minute Vincent Price! It's not Halloween without Vincent Price!

Okay people, that's Halloween posts done for me for another year! Gonna take a blog break, but might be persuaded to pop back in a month or so if Creepmas is still a thing! Hope your Halloween has been suitably spooktacular despite all this 2020 nonsense, and that pumpkins stay shining for as long as possible! 

Also, thanks to all the other bloggers who have been taking part in the Countdown To Halloween, and to Master Cryptkeepers Michelle and Michael for keeping the whole thing going! Pop over one last time to the hub and check them all out! Now that I have time, I'll be visiting and reading all the posts!

Happy Halloween! See you in the pumpkin patch next year!

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