Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cinema Of Stuff....Invaders From Mars !!

Yes, it's time for the film that scares any kids who watch it at the right age and makes them question whether or not their parents have in fact been taken over by aliens! I watched this as a nipper and the very next day my father told me he was off up to a nearby sand pit, making me forever suspicious of him and wondering if some Martian menace had possessed my pa! And even now I find myself checking the back of people's necks when I meet them to make sure there are no dubious scars.....

For some reason this had a bigger effect on me than Invasion Of the Body Snatchers, which I saw around the same age. This is possibly because the main character is a kid, and I could relate more to adults not believing him when he told them something was amiss...It also has a more dream-like feel to it, and I had lots of crazy dreams as a kid!! Anyhoo, it's still one of my favourite movies ever, so I hope you'll enjoy watching it! 

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