Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Brain That Wouldn't Die !!

No, not the classic 1962 B-Movie...but a similarly themed comic strip from Issue 10 of Quality's Web Of Evil comic! It should be noted that this comes from 1954, so maybe it helped inspire Rex Carlton & Joseph Green when the came to write the story the film was based on!? Anyhoo, enjoy reading this twisted tale of Dr. Renard and his brain-in-a-jar! 

As usual, I found this strip whilst looking around the Digital Comic Museum, and thanks go to user sundancetrance for uploading the strip there for me to find! 


  1. Have a look for a story called Hitler's Head. It was in Comic Media's "Weird Terror" number 1, and it's bloody mental!

    1. Hehe..yeah, read that a while back after I saw it mentioned on another blog! And it is awesomely mental! Thanks for reminding me about "Weird Terror" though....there was another story in one of those I discovered last year that I meant to put on here! I'll go post it now! :o)