Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Latest Pick-Ups (June 2017 - Part 2)

Here's the rest of my pick-ups from the last month or so! First up is Game On! - The 50 Greatest Video Games of All Time, a book that acknowledges the fact that these are just some of the greatest video games of all time, thus making the title false right from the off! And there's only about 3 pre-16-Bit games mentioned....the focus being stuff released around the time of publication!

Still, what is there looks nice at least...and it's alright for a quick read through! 


I never manage to get to Forbidden Planet in time to pick up the Free Comic Book Day stuff, and it's always long gone by the time I arrive...However, I can always rely on some of the comics showing up in charity shops for about £1 each later! 

The ones I've managed to find from this year are what you see here...Wonder Woman, Avatar, Riverdale (basd on the new TV series, based on the Archie comics), Hilda/Garbage Night & the one I really wanted to pick up, Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Plants vs Zombies! I might post some of the stories from these at a much later date.....


A trio of original Xbox games next, two of which are sequels to Crash Bandicoot, who is back in the limelight due to his original trilogy getting a remaster! These games probably aren't quite as good as the first three, but are still pretty decent and fun platformer/arcade adventures!

Aliens vs Predator - Extinction is perhaps most famous for being the game that disappointed everybody by not being a First Person Shooter, but is gaining some love nowadays among Real Time Strategy fans. I've yet to play it, as it is probably another game that once I start playing I'll lose hours to!

All of these were about £1 each.....


I found this old movie-mag for £3 in the same shop as the Cheeky comics in the last post...Fantastic Films is an interesting read, with 2 articles about Superman - The Movie, which show that the development of that comic-book adaptation was almost as troubled as recent DC movies! It seems to be the opposite though, as producers wanted it to be more campy like 60s Batman, whereas Richard Donner, who was the 2nd director after the first had visa issues, wanted a more serious picture!

It also has some amazing 70s artwork, like the poster below that shows Superman, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon!

Then there's another interesting piece on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, that covers the original movie, the remake..and the novel that both films were based on!

The Conquest Of Space is highlighted as probably being as important a Sci-Fi movie as the later 2001 - A Space Odyssey...

And there's also a few more articles, including an interview with actress Jean Rogers who played Dale Arden in the original 1930s Flash Gordon serial (see link in the poster comment above)...who shares some rare pictures from her own collection! All in all, a pretty grand read! 


Moomins books just seem to be making themselves known to me these days...this is one I found sticking out from below another book in a charity shop, and after forking out £1.50 it came home with me to join the rest! 

It's a properly crazy story about the time a comet threatened to destroy everything...which was the same story that featured in the Moomin movie a few years back, and that 'm almost reaching in my re-watch of the Fuzzy Felt-style Moomin  TV series I became obsessed with in my youth!


Another trio of Xbox games, but this time for the 360...and two of which star everybody's favourite walking-tree voicer, Vin Diesel! I picked these up from my local CEX for a few quid each...

The Chronicles Of Riddick - Assault On Dark Athena is obviously based on the Riddick films, and also includes original Xbox FPS Riddick game, Escape From Butcher Bay, remastered for 360! Both games are cool, stealth-based shooters...well, I say shooters, but you spend a large amount of time snapping necks and knifing people..so...

The Wheelman is a surprisingly mad, over-the-top driving game, where Mr. Diesel uses the driving skills he picked up in Fast 'n Furious to drive backwards and fling himself over, out-of and in to all manner of vehicles whilst shooting bad guys in the face! A whole load of fun and probably a bit of an under-rated gem!

Inversion is another game that probably doesn't get the attention it deserves, being poo-pooed at the time of it's release as a shameless Gears Of War clone...That's a bit unfair, as it uses a pretty cool gravity/physics engine to shake things up a bit, and is actually has very decent gameplay! I've been having a great time with it so far, and may cover it in more depth some other time...


I also found another Fighting Fantasy Gamebook that I didn't already have in my collection, Sword Of The Samurai! So. come the next power-cut or long train journey and I'll be fighting Japanese demons, ninjas and the like...which is not much different from how I spend most of my time in videogames, but it'll be nice to do it whilst reading for a change!


My Super Mario toy collection is growing too, as I've picked up another few figures for £2 each in The Works....and an old McDonalds toy Yoshi that sticks his tongue out, which I found for 50p in a charity shop!


I think we'll end it there for now! I do have quite a few more video game pick-ups, but I'll save them for next time as I'm going to try and slow down a bit with those so I can actually play some of them! That's the plan anyway, but we all know how well I do with plans, so expect to see more pick-ups soonish, most likely including another 100 games or something...hehe...laters, stuffers!


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