Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Wii Collection

Been a while since I put up any Games Collection posts, so here's a lazy Sunday posting of my entire Wii collection! There's a couple of stinkers in there, but most are are pretty good or even awesome, and the ones that are bad I only paid about £1 for. Oh, and a couple of the games are actually my mother's as she got them when she picked up a Wii and Wii Fit...but I'm still the only one that really plays them! :)

I will single out a few later in the blog, as stuff like No More Heroes, Little King Story and Disaster : Day Of Crisis needs to be talked about...until then, just enjoy perusing the pics!


  1. Very nice collection! You need to get No More Heroes 2 though as it's an ace sequel and much better than the first one. I really didn't miss that empty open-world! Original DOES have Bad Girl though which counts in its favour!

  2. Yeah, still a few Wii games I need to get, including NMH2...and a couple of Donkey Kong games! I'll snap them all up eventually no doubt! :)