Wednesday, 7 December 2016

More Gruesome Gift Ideas! Evil Dead, Krampus, Bat Gremlin, Eggs!

Okay, so for today's Gruesome Gift ideas, you'll need a fair bit of cash lying around...but these toys and collectibles were too cool not to post about after I discovered them!

 First up is some Ash Vs Evil Dead toys from NECA!

The pack above will cost you about £46 on Ebay, and the figures below you should be able to pick up for around £26 each.....

Now comes the really expensive stuff! But just look at these collectible Krampus figures from WETA!

The Cherub above will cost you £180.66 from their website, and the Dark Elf below is slightly more expensive at £196.44! There's supposedly also a model of Krampus himself in the works, so keep an eye out for that too...

WETA do have something for those of us with less cash too though, as you can pick up this awesome replica below of the Krampus Bell from the movie for just £9.46!

Back to NECA again for the last two items.....first, this rather groovy Bat Gremlin figure from Gremlins 2 which can be yours for around £50 on Ebay......

...and to end with, here's NECA's life-sized, light-up Alien egg complete with Facehugger from the Alien franchise! This will sting your wallet for $499 (couldn't find any UK prices), so you'd need to be a big, big fan...but it would look awesome in the corner of any room! 

Okay, I'll promise to try and look at more reasonably priced stuff in the next gift ideas post, and stop tempting you with ridiculously priced but ridiculously cool stuffs! It should be up soon-ish, but I've still got this bloody lung infection with added lurgy, so can't say when exactly...keep an eye out though! ;-)


  1. There was a time when I used to be one of those types who'd buy these kind of things... Thankfully those days are over, I'd be skint otherwise!

    1. You and me both, dude! Well, I say you and me both, but I'd never fork out five hundred quid for any egg...unless it had an actual dinosaur or something in it!

      But nah, I'll stick with the Krampus Bell for a tenner! ;-)