Monday, 5 December 2016

Bleurgh! (Again!)

So it's been a while since the old blog "curse" has popped up and I've fallen ill, but that time has come again folks! Managed to pick up another lung infection and to rush off down to the docs for some antibiotics when I found myself having difficulty breathing.....

Been a rattle in my chest the last few days, but it wasn't really progressing in to much until yesterday, when it became full on dreaded lurgy and the coughs and sneezes appeared, and that's when I started struggling with the actual important task of taking in and exhaling air....

So yeah, I'm now rattling around in a different way from all the antibiotics and paracetamol I've filled myself with to combat this and try to regain some normality and good health before Christmas! It seems to have hit a brief lull in severity for the moment so hopefully I'll be able to post something to go up on the blog again tomorrow, but I'm letting you guys know the situation in case the Creepmas posts are a bit lacking....and hopefully I'll start properly recovering soon!


  1. Not fun, hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks....I'm hoping the antibiotics do their thing over the next couple of days! ;)