Saturday, 3 December 2016

Gruesome Gift Ideas

Here's a few ideas for what to get those freaky friends who are obsessed with spooksome stuff for Christmas! 

This Alien Bookmark above can be found on Etsy for just 1.87! 

This Santa Zombie t-shirt is my brother's design over at Redbubble and can be yours for 17.52...

...and while you're over at Redbubble you can check out my own Krampus Saint designs, which I created from one of the Creepmas drawings I did last year! ;)

This Hand Sheet is another Etsy find...perfect for freaking out visiting relatives at Christmas! Yours for 21.38..

Or how about trying to contact your very own Christmas spirits with this Ouija board, also on Esty, for 23.02! I wouldn't be messing with it myself, mind you...*shudders*....

So there you go, a few items and some shameless self-plugging! I'll be posting some toy based gifts later in the month, so keep an eye out for those....


  1. I really like that Krampus Saint design!

    As for the Ouija board... It's all in the mind. I'm fully open to the existence of all sorts of things but the Ouija board is one thing I just can't get behind, mostly because it was made by (what is now) Hasbro in 1890 - "Ouija" being a word made up of the French and German words for "Yes". It's all idiomatic, folk get to thinking about the glass moving and spelling out words which leads to unconscious muscle reactions and so on.

    Still fun for sending the shits up people though :)

    1. Yeah, I know ouija boards are just toys.....

      ...but so are freaky clown dolls, and you won't get me messing around with those either! ;)

    2. Fair enough :)

      I can't stay in the same room as a pendulum, so use that knowledge for your own advantage if you have to ;)