Saturday, 17 October 2020

Vintage Halloween Catalogues (Part 3)

We move forward into the 60s and 70s with this selection of catalogue captures, and mainly have a look at the Collegeville collection of costumes and masks! I dont know if the company ever released any of these in the UK, and I wasn't around in the 60s or early 70s, so if anyone knows please comment below. There are a couple from other companies in here too though.
 But yeah, there are some wonderfully weird pop culture costumes in this lot, so lets take a nosey! 

Dressing up as a HotWheels driver would have been something that I would have thought a kid would have gotten a mother to rustle up. I wouldn't have thought you'd be able to get a costume ready made and available to buy!

The Witch, the Devil and the Fortune Teller masks look pretty familiar, so I feel these or copies of these designs might have made their way over here in the 80s, but I don't remember seeing Mandrake or The Bat....

Blimey! Some of these are properly terrifying! Especially those ones with all the teeth at the bottom!

Hmm...don't think this one is Collegeville. I like how the pirate costume is described as 'very fierce'....

The hatted Daffy Duck is a bit he going golfing or something?

I would have loved that Hagar costume! The Popeye one is pretty cool too!

I had a costume pretty similar to that Skeleton one, but the mask was way creepier and had long green hair. 

Some more terrifying masks. Don't look at the clown ones!!

I want that first costume! Look at it! It's amazing! Not so sure about the Hobo or Skeleton though...hmm...

Troll would be the pick from that bunch!

Again, the Witch looks familiar...I guess it might just be a standard witch-type face. The Little Red Riding Hood one seems like one I've seen before too though.... can tell we've moved into the 70s now. The Harlequin style clown is a dead giveaway....who knows what they were thinking with the Sheik and Hobo costumes!? ( The Shadow knows.....)

Some random decorations thrown in just because there weren't enough pumpkins in this post....


So there you go....some wonderful costumes there, and maybe some ideas if you're looking for more obscure disguises for this years celebrations! But that's it for today. Pop back tomorrow for another tick off the Countdown calender and remember to go check out the other bloggers' work by clicking the badge below! 



  1. What a walk down memory lane - I think the Romper Room Do-Bee is a one that caught my eye. Jaws at the top is very 1970's as is the Sheik - the middle east hostage situation and oil crisis brought that region into the forefront. The Clash and the Stranglers both sang songs about the middle east in the 1970's didn't they?

    1. Certainly remember the Clash rockin' the Casbah in the early 80's! :D

  2. Love the old stuff. I know I wore some of these plastic monstrosities, but for the life of me I cannot recall which characters. Want to say maybe a vampire or Frankenstein's monster, but could have been Jon Baker from C.H.i.P.s just as easily.

    1. I definitely had a skeleton plastic sheet and skull mask combo one year, but I think it would be a European company design....and we had nothing like C.H.i.P.s or Road Runner, at least not in the early 80s!