Friday, 5 October 2018

Cinema Of Stuff Presents...More TV Horrors

I've posted stuff from the old 1972/73 NBC series Ghost Stories/Circle of Fear before, and as I'm still on Jury Duty and this is one of the few decent series still available on Youtube, here's a few more episodes!

Earth, Air, Fire and Water 

Six young artists discover ancient, mysterious bottles in a warehouse which wield an abnormal influence over them.

The Ghost Of Potter's Field

A magazine journalist (Tab Hunter) is almost destroyed by his doppelgänger until he finds out the true identity of a hit man (Darwin Joston) buried in a potter's field.

The Phantom Of Herald Square

Holly (Sheila Larken) is charmed by James (David Soul) and begins seeing him, but as soon as she does, she finds herself terrorized by an old man (Victor Jory). As her relationship with James grows, she is surprised to discover the connection between James and the old man.


  1. Watched the run of this show last year. Some okay episodes, some really 70s creepy episodes. Over all, a good watch. Hope Jury Duty went well!

    1. Yeah, I was very pleased to find it on Youtube as I don't think we ever got it in the UK!

      And yeah, thanks...Jury Duty was tiring, but an interesting experience!