Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Cinema Of Stuff Presents...The Book Of Stone / El Libro De Piedra (1969)

In this classic Mexican horror movie from 1969, Julia (Margo Lopez) has gone to live with a family and become the new governess for the daughter, Silvia (Lucy Buj)....Silvia is coming to terms with her father remarrying by playing with her new friend Hugo, who she has grown really close to since the family moved to their new home. There's only one problem....Hugo is an old statue, believed to have been imported years ago from Austria.

When weird occurrences start happening around the place, Julia and the other adults start to wonder if there may be more to Hugo than there seems.......

Please remember to switch on the subtitles, which can be a bit wrong in places, but do a fine job of letting those of us who don't speak Spanish enjoy this weird and wonderful tale! (Also, don't worry when they stop for a minute halfway through the film....this is just a temporary blip, and they start up again soon!)

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