Saturday, 13 October 2018

Vincent Price Continues To Haunt My Youtube.......

This cold / sinusitis / nose lurgy still has me feeling under the weather, so here's another relatively hassle free post to be getting on with for today. But that doesn't mean it won't be a good one!

Whilst looking for more stuff to watch this Hallowe'en season, I found more Vincent Price treasures that I'd yet to see, so I thought I'd share them on the blog and give the old blog regular another chance to entertain us again from beyond the grave!


First up is Creepy Classics, a video from 1987 that has Vincent talking and making bad puns about old horror movies!

Next is a rather informative documentary from 1982 about the historic origins of Dracula, which also includes a look at old horror movies, but is best watched for the segments that take place in Romania observing the locals....(this one is a bit quiet, so you might need to turn your volume up a bit!)

Now, remembering to turn your volume back down a bit, here's An Adventure In Demonology, an old album from 1969, which includes Mr. Price giving some instructions on how best to invoke spirits or make a pact with the devil!


That should keep you busy for a while......but as always, if you're looking for something else to keep you occupied, you could do a lot worse than clicking on the badge below and checking out some other festive freakiness!