Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Werewolf of Warsham Manor!

Final post of the day, and indeed, the countdown, is another creepy comic tale from the Digital Comic Museum, and also another one from I. W. Publishing / Super Comics Eerie Tales #12 from 1964....

Thanks again to dsdaboss for uploading the scans to the museum!


Talking of horror comics, the latest edition of Hallowscream is now available for download! It's a free horror comic put together by my brother and a load of other fans of a certain old British comic....Older issues can be found at the same place as this, by clicking here.....

And so all that remains to do before I head off to enjoy the rest of my favourite festival, is to thank you all for visiting and helping me celebrate Halloween for a whole month, and to send you off on a final trip via the mystical badge below, to the Countdown To Halloween hub.....where you can find links to all the blogs that have been taking part, putting their hearts and souls (and sometimes other peoples) into making this October filled with freaksome fun! I'll see you back here soon-ish hopefully....Because there is a strange, far-off and faintly creepy jingle in the air.......and we all know what that means! ;-)

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